When googling the search terms "natural hemorrhoid treatment" you will find 8,100 Google-hits (per month) in the United States alone, revealing the fact of an enormous problem. The market is flooded with many ineffective NOT natural hemorrhoid treatment products while actually effective products are not well known yet. Other drastic hemorrhoid treatment methods like surgery (Treatments for Bleeding Hemorrhoids) are practiced and feared for their possible complications and severe pain after the operation.

The best natural hemorrhoid treatment can be obtained with a natural product, which does not have any side effects. It should be a non-invasive, drug free hemorrhoid treatment without exposing the anus to chemicals (Hemorrhoid Relief) which may create additional problems. The old-fashioned natural hemorrhoid treatment to reduce inflammation and swelling on body parts is the application of ice to the affected area. In the case of hemorrhoids, the ice-sitz- bath (Cold Therapy) is known as a very helpful natural hemorrhoid treatment technique known since ancient times but it is very messy and difficult to apply.

The deep freeze natural hemorrhoid treatment device (also called cryotherapy device) delivers an ice cold temperature directly to the inflamed area, reducing itching, swelling, burning and spasms within a short period of time. The do-it-yourself natural hemorrhoid treatment with HEMOfree is not expensive and can be applied in the comfort of your home. (See Croyotherapy Treatment)

The grade of developed hemorrhoids is subdivided in four stages (Pictures of Hemorrhoids).The first stage can easily be treated with one natural hemorrhoid treatment device. The other progressed three stages should go through a more intense treatment and therefore requires two natural hemorrhoid treatment devices. With two devices one can have intermittent treatments, 2 hours apart.

The natural hemorrhoid treatment device has to be placed for a couple of hours into the freezer until the inner liquid of the device is frozen. A natural lubricant should be used for lubrication to all parts of the device to ease the insertion. The duration for a hemorrhoid treatment is 10 to 15 minutes until the ice in the natural hemorrhoid treatment device has adjusted to the normal body temperature. To achieve fast results a hemorrhoid treatment should be applied 3 to 4 times a day. Following each treatment procedure HEMOfree has to be well washed, cleaned and placed in a sterile zip-lock pouch. The achieved treatment results are usually very impressive. For severely bleeding hemorrhoid conditions, a physician should be consulted.

Q.: How long does it take to get relief from hemorrhoid symptoms?
A.: The treatment of hemorrhoids with a cryogenic natural hemorrhoid treatment device is very effective and provides prompt relief of swelling, itching and pain. Furthermore, it can control bleeding caused from hemorrhoids and can prevent the issue from escalating and future painful re-occurrences.

Q.: What is the treatment time for hemorrhoids to obtain relief?
A.: The stage (1 to 4- Pictures of Hemorrhoids) of the hemorrhoids is crucial. In most cases people experience relief after a couple of treatments. Acute hemorrhoid problems for internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids (stage 1 to 3) can be solved in many cases within 1-3 weeks.

Q.: How do I place the cryogenic hemorrhoid treatment device in my freezer to obtain the maximum treatment results?
A.: It is important that you wash and dry the natural hemorrhoid treatment device before inserting it into a zip lock plastic bag. Place the natural hemorrhoid treatment device with its inserting probe part (the thin part) facing downwards in the freezer.

Q.: Why should the inserting probe part (the thin part) of the natural hemorrhoid treatment device be facing downwards? (See Cryotherapy Treatment)
A.: To obtain a full hemorrhoid treatment it is important that the liquid inside the natural hemorrhoid treatment device fills the inserting probe part completely and will also be evenly distributed in the larger portion of the probe, which stays outside the rectum.

Q.: How to clean the natural hemorrhoid treatment device?
A.: It is absolutely necessary that you wash HEMOfree thoroughly with soap and warm water after each use. For optimal disinfection the use of rubbing alcohol is recommended.

Q.: For how long should the natural hemorrhoid treatment device stay in the freezer to obtain the best hemorrhoid treatment?
A.: This depends on the temperature of your freezer. In most cases 2-3 hours are sufficient. Make sure before a treatment, that the liquid inside the natural hemorrhoid treatment device is completely frozen.

Q.: How can I get rid of the little condensation that has built up on the natural hemorrhoid treatment device following a longer storing time in the freezer?
A.: Just wipe off the ice built up on the natural hemorrhoid treatment device with a clean tissue before the treatment.

Q.: Is the hemorrhoid treatment with HEMOfree uncomfortable?
A.: In the beginning of the hemorrhoid treatment, you will feel a cooling sensation.

Q.: For how long do the hemorrhoids have to be treated to achieve a maximum treatment?
A.: The liquid inside the natural hemorrhoid treatment device thaws slowly and stays cold for up to 10 minutes. For best results leave the device in place for 10 minutes.

Q.: Does the natural hemorrhoid treatment device have any side effects if too many treatments occur?
A.: NO! The hemorrhoid treatment with HEMOfree is 100% natural and has no side effects.

Q.: Should I continue with the hemorrhoid treatment if pain and discomfort have vanished?
A.: To be on the safe side, continue the hemorrhoid treatment for a couple of days after the pain and discomfort have vanished.

Q.: Which lubricants can I use which do not irritate the hemorrhoids?
A.: If possible use only natural lubricants (without dangerous chemical ingredients) available in pharmacies or health food stores. Lubricants with chemical ingredients can counteract a hemorrhoid treatment.

Q.: Can I use my natural hemorrhoid treatment device in conjunction with prescription medication and /or creams that are recommended by my doctor?
A.: Yes, the application of other hemorrhoidal treatments such as suppositories, ointments and creams can be used if they do not contain chemical products. They could interfere with the effectivity of the natural hemorrhoid treatment.

Q.: Is the material of the natural hemorrhoid treatment device safe for the treatment of hemorrhoids?
A.: Yes, the material is made of high quality and high density surgically approved polyethylene plastic.

Q.: How many times can the natural hemorrhoid treatment device be reused?
A.: The device can be used many times as long as it is stored in the freezer after each use.

Q.: Can the reoccurrence of hemorrhoids be avoided?
A.: Yes, hemorrhoids can re-occur. Counteracting the new development of hemorrhoids can
be done by: eating more fiber, drinking 1.5 to 2 liter (1/2 gallon) water per day, exercising daily, weight loss and the use of stool softener, see Hemorrhoid Remedies.

Q.: Is the natural hemorrhoid treatment device HEMOfree safe?
A.: Yes, it is a safe, natural and gentle treatment method without the risk of complications.
Surgery, sclerotherapy, electric current treatment, heat coagulation and rubber band ligation have to be performed by specialists. See Treatment of Bleeding Hemorrhoids.

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In contrast, HEMOfree, a new low cost natural hemorrhoid treatment device (Ice Therapy) is now available solving the problem in most cases, which can be used for internal and external hemorrhoidal problems.